Florida Drug Recovery

Recovery from drugs is a lifelong process. It doesn’t end when a patient gets clean, nor does it require less focus or energy with time. Often, it requires a total severance with the life a patient-led before accepting treatment. Our Florida drug recovery community has readily embraced the post-treatment resources we’ve made available such as our aftercare program and participating in our alumni events. In addition to providing quality detox and rehab, our recovery philosophy dictates that patients have a plan of recovery in place once they’re ready to move on. This usually involves repairing and better appreciating their family and career as well as attending support groups and continuing therapy.

Recovery Through Community Partnership

As one of the leading Florida drug recovery facilities, we partner with many community organizations to give patients every possible resource for success during their fresh start, including referrals to recovery meetings and mental health experts, as well as a social networking site for alumni who want to share their stories and progress. We take our commitment and responsibility to the Florida drug recovery community very seriously and recognize that members of our patient population can very easily be our neighbors and loved ones. By providing relapse prevention safety nets and access to extended care, we teach patients to look at recovery as part of their life and not something quick and inconvenient to get through.

Staying Focused and Committed through Helping Others

We very often involve successful alumni in our pursuit of helping future patients. We encourage those who have been able to develop a solid history of sobriety during their recovery to help current patients in a variety of capacities, from coaching to lectures to active participation in our alumni programs, to aid more vulnerable patients. This allows us to provide proof of the effectiveness of our treatment methods while giving alumni the opportunity to help others as part of their lifelong recovery plan.

Guiding Patients Through Their Own Personal Journey

While there are some universal tenets of drug treatment, no two patients’ recovery journeys are exactly the same. By conducting a detailed assessment of each patient’s condition, we’re able to develop the personalized treatment that they need to form a recovery plan that works for them. Recovery is more than just detox and rehab; it’s the pursuit and development of a healthy lifestyle that will allow patients to stay enthusiastic and proactive about their sobriety and learn to manage adverse factors so they don’t derail their progress. Patients struggling with drug abuse are each faced with a unique set of circumstances for which they need specialized, honest, and focused care.

Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches is here and ready to provide the most effective Florida drug recovery program available. In addition to our quality detox and rehab, we provide first-class aftercare services through an alumni network and a continued partnership with several community mental health professionals and recovery groups.

If you’re ready to change your life or your loved one’s life, contact us at (888) 432-2467 to get started today!