Florida Drug Abuse Treatment

No two methods of treatment are identical, but the process is generally divided into two major steps: detox and rehab. Our Florida drug abuse treatment programs are continually evolving, using evidence-based practices to develop our state-of-the-art treatment methods. Our diverse continuum of care allows us to provide quality and compassionate clinical treatment through each stage of the recovery process.

Since our inception, we’ve worked toward a treatment approach, in which patients could find everything they need within our facilities, including:

  • Medically supervised onsite detox from compassionate and experienced professionals
  • Innovative specialized programs that integrate family, professional life, healthy living, and spirituality
  • Therapeutic recreational activities such as yoga, meditation, and massage
  • Clean, comfortable, safe, and discrete living quarters
  • Comprehensive psychological examination from industry-leading professionals trained in dual diagnosis cases
  • Transitional living assistance
  • An alumni network to offer support, positivity, and reinforcement once patients are back on their own

We never want our patients to have to go anywhere else for any aspect of their treatment and believe that, the more disruption in a patient’s recovery routine, the more prone they are to relapse, as has been illustrated by patients who choose outpatient or lesser-quality inpatient programs.

When they’re ready, we want our patients to leave knowing that we used all of our resources and skills to help them, that we’ll be there for them well after the program, and what they have to do on their end in order to stay successful in their recovery.

Preventing Relapse and Ensuring Success

There are numerous Florida drug abuse treatment options currently available; however many patients wind up unnecessarily relapsing because they didn’t choose the right program the first time. There are many possible reasons as to why this could have happened. The detox might have been poorly managed; the doctor (if they even had a doctor on staff), might have missed key psychological elements that contributed to their addiction, etc. Our medical staff includes experienced doctors and specialists who are trained to diagnose and treat co-occurring disorders. They are able to ensure that nothing is overlooked during treatment, that patients are given every opportunity to heal from their addictions and mental disorders.

It is our responsibility to identify root causes and treat them so that their underlying disorders don’t come back to haunt patients and cause them to relapse at the height of their success.

Start healing today. Our Florida drug abuse treatment therapies are blended with a comfortable living environment, mental health evaluations, and treatment, spiritual exploration, physical education, and therapeutic recreational activities.

If you’re ready to change your life or your loved one’s life, contact us at (888) 432-2467 to get started today!