How to Tell if Your Child is Addicted to Drugs

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How to Tell if Your Child is Addicted to Drugs

Young adults can be especially prone to drug abuse.

It has been found that out of all the high school seniors in the United States, 58% have had alcohol, 47.8% have taken an illicit drug, and 15.5% have abused prescription drugs in 2018.1 While you may want to disregard their bad habits as something they will grow out of, addiction can often blossom from these reckless behaviors, especially in party environments like college. In the blink of an eye, your child who casually drank and did drugs in high school could become a young adult who is dependent on drugs.

As a parent, it can be concerning to see your child change. If your child is addicted to drugs, they may go from the happy child you raised to an almost complete stranger. You may be wondering if your child is an addict and if they need help with a drug or alcohol detox. At Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches (BHOPB), we often see the negative effects of substance abuse on family relationships. When your addicted child pushes you away, this may be a cry for help.

Common Signs of Drug Abuse

Drug abuse cannot only affect a person physically, but also it can destroy a person’s behavioral health. Signs of cocaine use can differ significantly from signs of alcoholism, but there are some commonalities when someone is an addict. As a rehab center in Palm Beach, we want you to be able to recognize these common signs of drug abuse. Once you know that your child is addicted to drugs, you can get them the help they need with our treatment programs. The warning signs that your kid may be using drugs include:

  • Financial issues
  • Social withdrawal
  • Irritability and moodiness
  • Depression
  • Noticeable physical changes, like rapid changes in weight
  • Lies and deception
  • Irregular sleeping patterns
  • Acting secretive

If your child is exhibiting these symptoms, there is a good chance that your child is addicted to drugs.

Get Them Help Immediately

If you believe that your child is addicted to drugs, you should get them help immediately. At our drug and alcohol treatment center in Palm Beach, we help people struggling with addiction to not only detox from drugs but also provide mental health treatment.

With our family programs, you can be by your child’s side throughout their recovery. Call  561-220-3981 to get more information.



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