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We Provide Treatment For Domestic Abusers & Victims of Abuse

Domestic violence is ­very much an inherited behavior. The National Coalition against Domestic Violence reports that children who witness domestic abuse growing up are twice as likely to be violent toward their own partners. They also report that witnessing violence between parents or guardians is the strongest risk factor for transmitting violent behavior between generations. Treatment for domestic abusers should include a full patient history to ascertain whether or not they saw violence in their own homes as children.

Treatment should also focus heavily on anger management and behavior modification to give patients the tools they need to process their aggression in a healthy manner. In the event that the abuser directly experienced abuse themselves, comprehensive trauma therapy is also recommended.

Treating Domestic Violence Victims

Sustaining domestic abuse can result in a variety of long and short-term damage. Despite the fact that nearly 12,000 American women were killed in domestic violence incidents over the past decade, according to the FBI, domestic abuse is one of the most under-reported crimes and one of the most under-treated mental health issues. Some of the common mental health issues that victims of domestic abuse experience include:

Substance abuse

Mental Health Rehab of the Palm Beaches offers comprehensive treatment to victims of domestic violence in an effort to restore their emotional strength and empower them to live their lives with confidence. Our experts will examine the role domestic abuse has played in or your loved one’s mental illness and help you work to confront the trauma.