Drug Addiction | Glen Zimmerman – Full Story

Glen grew up around addiction in his family and tragically fell into a pattern of substance abuse. He started abusing drugs at a very young age and when he moved away from his family, he was left with a full-blown addiction. He spent years going to doctors\' offices to get more pills, secretly hoping to get arrested. Eventually Glen would just shut himself in his parents\' basement, waiting for his next doctors\' appointment. His family had given up on him and for many nights, Glen went to sleep believing that he wouldn\'t wake up the next morning. After 16 years of trying to get clean and numerous failed recovery attempts at several different treatment facilities, Glen got help at Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches and has been clean ever since. He is currently the Director of Culinary Services at Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches where he uses his expertise in the kitchen to improve the treatment experience and quality of life our patients.