Alcohol Abuse | Claudia Braman – Hope Story Commercial

Throughout her years of social drinking, Claudia became known among her friends and colleagues for her excessive alcohol consumption. She realized that she hit a critical point when her drinking became more important to her than her children and her promising career in politics. Alcohol had completely changed her personality and work ethic. Although she was in denial, even her children could see that she had a drinking problem. She had also started abusing Xanax. After a highly publicized DUI incident she entered a rehab program only to relapse and incur another go to jail. It was at this point that Claudia realized she was destroying her relationship with her children and took her recovery into her own hands. Since completing treatment at Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches, Claudia has found hope and has repaired her relationship with her children. She credits the caring and committed staff at BHOPB with helping her achieve lasting recovery.