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Physiological Therapies

Unbearable and incessant pain can make everyday living a struggle and cause a person to turn to painkillers for relief. When prescription drugs and opioids lose their effect, the subject is left to live a life of agony, misery and discomfort, with no relief in sight. This often leads patients to abuse drugs even more, intensifying their dependence and addiction.

One of the biggest problems with America’s chronic pain epidemic is that people have only been educated in one way of eliminating pain – prescription pills. Without any other options, a person suffering from chronic pain is forced to choose between living with pain every day, or taking medication constantly to mask it.

At Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches, one of our primary focuses is providing our patients relief from pain, without the use of any drugs. We also strive to educate them on drug-free pain management techniques. Whether a patient is experiencing pain from detox, or as a result of ongoing physical stress, we utilize massage therapy, chiropractic therapy, acupuncture and multiple other techniques to give our patients maximum comfort and pain relief during rehab.

Physiological Therapies

Acupuncture & Biofeedback

Don’t Let Chronic Pain Rule Your Life

There are millions of Americans suffering from constant pain that they just can’t alleviate. Most often...

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Detoxification Massage Therapy

Natural Pain Relief is Available

Detoxification massage is available...

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Chiropractic Therapy

Don’t Let Pain Hold You Back

One of the lingering withdrawal symptoms patients often suffer from in rehab is intense neck and back pain....

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