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Holistic Therapies

Holistic therapy aims to restore the body’s natural harmony without the use of harmful toxins. Extended substance abuse has ravaged the physical health of many of our addiction patients to nearly irreparable levels. The holistic therapies at Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches comprise several methods we utilize to begin strengthening our patients and helping them reclaim control over their health. These therapies can help to rebuild the overall physical wellness of recovering addicts, giving them the energy to focus on their substance abuse issues.


As much as holistic therapies are about rebuilding a patient’s physical health, they also focus on healing their mind and body as well. Total health is the ultimate goal of BHOPB's holistic program, which also includes exercises in spiritual exploration, energy control, life skills training, aromatherapy and guided meditation, among many others. These therapies can help individuals address any underlying mental health issues that may have led them into substance abuse as a form of self-medication. In addition, long-term substance abuse can also be the genesis of many health problems such as depression, anxiety, and eating disorders - that may respond well to holistic therapies.


Introduction to holistic therapies during treatment can also provide a tremendous benefit to individuals in the post-treatment phase of their lives. Many of these therapies can be continued by those in recovery on their own (or with minimal professional assistance) after they leave rehab, improving their overall wellness and helping them to resist the temptation of relapse into substance abuse. These techniques can actually help to form a strong foundation for living a happy, healthy, and meaningful life in the many years ahead, increasing the odds of long-term sobriety and healthy living for all who have gone through substance abuse treatment.

Holistic Therapies

Eastern Body-Centered Psychotherapy

At Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches, we believe in providing patients with every available therapeutic resource to help them overcome...

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Energy Therapy

Combatting drug and alcohol addiction usually leaves one feeling depleted, overwhelmed and generally powerless. Behavioral Health of the Palm...

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Healing Sound Therapy

Sound can be a valuable therapeutic resource and has been proven to help reduce stress in patients and to improve their mental health....

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Life Skills Therapy

When discussing addiction, the conversation often turns to recovery and saving the patient’s life. However, what about those who lose their...

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Nature Therapy

Connect With Nature in Addiction Rehab

Anyone who has ever taken a long walk along the beach, gazed in awe at ocean waves or breathed in the...

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Nutritional Counseling

Facilitating Healing through Sound Nutritional Habits

Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches is committed to helping patients align their mind...

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Qigong Therapy

An Innovative and Effective Way to Align the Mind, Body and Soul

Qigong, also known as life energy cultivation, is a Chinese meditative...

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Tai Chi Therapy

Alcohol and drug addiction significantly impact brain-chemistry and the central nervous system. These consequences can be seen in how...

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Yoga Therapy

As addiction treatment continues to evolve, patients are finding considerable value in additional body-centered therapies. The integration of...

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When it comes to recovery from addiction, mental illness and most other conditions, the patient’s mood and attitude during treatment can make...

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Body-Centered Wellness

Addressing the Relationship between Physical and Psychological Health

When an individual is suffering from chemical dependency, every part of...

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Meditation Therapy

Heal Yourself Through Guided Meditation

Meditation has been an essential part of physical, mental and spiritual healing in many cultures for...

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Bio Bed Therapy

Providing Maximum Comfort in Rehab

Our long-standing addiction care philosophy at Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches is to treat the whole...

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Spiritual Therapy

Empowerment through Spirituality

The spiritual therapists at Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches realize how important faith is in the...

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