Motivational Interviewing

Find Your Own Reason for Change

Part of the reason why up to 50 percent of all addiction rehab treatment attempts end in relapse within less than a year is because often the addicted patients don’t understand the need for change and feel coerced into it. Motivational interviewing, a technique pioneered in the 1980’s, seeks to help addiction patients come to their own decision to change their lives.

Patients are interviewed by a therapist at Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches in an open and honest one-on-one session. Our therapists ask patients about life goals and past behavior to help them develop an understanding of the gap between who they are as addicts and who they want to be. This line of questioning is intended to show them the consequences of their addiction in hopes it will prompt patients to make change.

Let Us Guide You Out of Addiction

Motivational interviewing is not meant to be confrontational: it’s meant to be inspiring to patients who may feel that their current situation is what is preventing them from reaching their life-long goals. Our hope is to encourage the readiness to change within the patient, rather than having it forced onto them.

Four Stages of Motivational Interviewing

  • Empathy: The counselor seeks to understand the nature of the addiction from the patient’s point of view.
  • Establish the Gap: Through this discussion, the hope is that the patient realizes that addiction is holding them back from achieving their goals.
  • Manage Resistance: Anytime a person needs to make a significant life change, there is a natural resistance. Our therapists will work to navigate objections raised by the patient.
  • Encourage a Personal Choice: The ultimate goal of motivational interviewing is to encourage patients to make their own decisions about the need to eliminate substance abuse.

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