Family Therapy

Get a Fresh Start with Family Education

No one feels the pain and suffering of drug and alcohol abuse more than an addict\'s family members. This is why family therapy is a crucial part of any effective addiction rehab program. Prolonged substance abuse can wear down family bonds, cause animosity, tension and distrust. The family therapy program at Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches is designed to begin rebuilding these bonds and strengthening the family unit.

Give Them the Support They Need

There\'s no stronger level of support for a recovering drug or alcohol addict than a caring and loving family network. Though your loved one\'s destructive habits may have left a trail of damage, they need your strength and unconditional support now more than ever.

Our family therapy sessions focus on educating an addict\'s family unit about the disease of addiction, any mental disorders a patient is dealing with, and on how to strengthen relationships within the family.

Each member of the family will be instructed on their specific role in helping their loved one be successful in recovery. They also will be guided on how to create the type of atmosphere the addicted family member will need when he or she leaves treatment in order to ensure their loved one the best chance at a lifetime of sobriety.

A family needs to stay together, especially in the worst of times. Call (888) 432-2467 to learn more about how you and your family can act together to help support your addicted loved one.