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Group Therapies

A life mired in addiction can be a very lonely one. Before checking into residential drug and alcohol rehab, many of our patients have lost jobs, friends, financial status, relationships, family support and just about anything else of meaning in their lives. The knowledge that there are many others fighting the same common foe is a comforting feeling to recovering addicts during rehab.

Our varied courses of group therapy concentrates on rebuilding lost trust and damaged bonds in family units, while connecting our patients with others in rehab who can provide inspiration. The battle for sobriety is a long and arduous journey – patients need as much help, support and strength as possible.

In daily group sessions at Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches, patients will have the opportunity to share ideas, stories, secrets for success and post-rehab goals without any fear of judgment or shame. We promote a warm and welcoming environment that invites free and open communication, maximizing the benefits of addiction therapy.

Group Therapies

Family Therapy

Get a Fresh Start with Family Education

No one feels the pain and suffering of drug and alcohol abuse more than an addict’s family members....

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Group Dynamic

Find Communal Strength in Numbers

Unconditional understanding and acceptance are two things that every recovering addict needs but finds...

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Motivational Interviewing

Find Your Own Reason for Change

Part of the reason why up to 50 percent of all addiction rehab treatment attempts end in relapse within less...

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Couples Therapy

What Does Couples Behavioral Therapy Involve?

Our couples therapy program is ideal for couples in which both parties are suffering from drug...

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Psychodrama Therapy

Overcoming Trauma through Dramatic Experience

Psychodrama therapy is a treatment approach that allows patients to safely and successfully...

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