Equine Assisted Therapy

Regain Trust in Others

Prolonged drug and alcohol addiction can diminish a person’s ability to form and maintain meaningful relationships with others. The equine assisted therapy program at Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches helps patients with relationship building and issues of trust. Led by a certified equine therapist, the program involves patients interacting with thoroughbred horses in a series of supervised exercises.

This process is extremely revealing and helpful to our addiction therapy team. Horses are naturally empathic animals with innate observation abilities. A horse’s reactions to a patient’s body language will allow our experts to make assessments about their mental state and any boundary issues which may have developed as a result of addiction.

Our equine assisted therapy program is also a remarkably meaningful experience for our patients and brings joy into their hearts. Walking and grooming a beautiful steed in a scenic environment is a therapeutic exercise unto itself. The equine therapy program is offered on a seasonal basis from November to April each year.

Learn to Get Close Again

We often find that substance abuse has robbed our patients of the ability to interact effectively with others. In the past, they frequently used substances as a tool to aid in this process, but in sobriety, forming close relationships with another becomes difficult. The therapists at Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches want to give our patients control over their lives again, and that begins with learning how to interact socially without intoxicants as aids.

Allow our compassionate horses and skilled equine therapists to help you or a loved one rebuild trust. Call (888) 432-2467 to learn more about our equine assisted therapy.