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SOAR Fit Therapy

Young woman doing kettlebell exercise during Soar Fit therapy

Integrating Fitness into Addiction Recovery

The SOAR FIT therapy program at Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches was established to help substance abuse patients build strength and confidence, as well as develop a fitness-oriented lifestyle while in treatment. Building upon our commitment to the mind-body-spirit connection, SOAR FIT allows men and women suffering from chemical dependency to address the physical fallout of their addiction and integrate fitness and physical exercise into their lives, promoting balanced overall health.

Dynamic and Fluid Fitness Training

Led by executive director and veteran fitness professional, Dr. Frank Mattiace, SOAR FIT focuses on core and functional training to provide patients with a varied, ever-changing workout. Foregoing many of the traditional fitness paradigms, including “boot camp-style” training and repetitive circuit routines, SOAR FIT’s creative workouts give the body the opportunity to work toward its true anatomical and physiological potential, incorporating a variety of exercises, including cardio and weight-training.

The BHOPB SOAR FIT Experience

Patients will train in our state-of-the-art, world-class fitness center. The training environment is deeply collaborative with an emphasis based on team support. Training is designed to be both fun and clinically beneficial, with the hope that patients continue to embrace exercise and fitness as a lifestyle after they leave treatment and enter the next phase of their recovery.

Recovery Benefits

Part of the journey back from addiction is regaining your strength and getting your body to function properly in a sober state. Fitness therapies like SOAR FIT can help pick up where detox leaves off, raising endorphins through exercise and accelerating the physical healing process. Even patients that weren’t particularly fitness-minded prior to receiving treatment are recognizing how great it feels to be active and are taking that feeling with them into their post-treatment life. The program also includes relapse prevention therapy to help patients identify and correct problematic behaviors that lead to set-backs.

A Healthier and More Active Life Awaits

SOAR FIT therapy gives men and women a chance to invest in their recovery and their overall future. Our hope is that the tools gained in the program will carry over into everyday life and aid in reinforcing the mind-body-spirit connection that is so vital to lasting overall health.

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