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Expressive Writing Therapy

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Unlock Repressed Feelings to Access Your True Voice

Fear of judgment keeps many of us from fully and honestly expressing ourselves; the same goes for recovering addicts who may be ashamed of some of their choices and their current lifestyle. Our Expressive Writing Therapy program gives patients at Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches an outlet to express their innermost emotions, thoughts, hopes and fears.

This therapy is facilitated by expressive writing specialist, Dr. Susannah Simpson. Participants keep a journal, where they lay the foundation for personal growth through writing. This exercise is meant to focus on reflective writing, a process in which patients can be honest with themselves, their therapists and their peers in group therapy.

Expressive Writing Therapy aims to help patients:

  • Increase coping skills
  • Recognize destructive trends in your thoughts and behaviors
  • Improve your ability to express yourself honestly
  • Raise self-awareness and confidence
  • Establish post-rehab goals

Gain the Tools for Prolonged Sobriety

Whether it's through poems, essays, short stories or music, writing has a considerable potential for therapeutic power. Our Expressive Writing - Journal to Recovery therapy helps patients gain a greater understanding of themselves and gives them the opportunity to create something to keep with them as a reminder of where they were and how far they’ve come.

After working with Dr. Simpson, patients will be asked to select a few entries to share with their primary therapist and with their family. This is also an incredibly effective group healing tool that strengthens bonds between family members.

By putting our thoughts onto paper, we can better reflect on and confront the emotional baggage that we each carry. Call (888) 432-2467 to learn about how our Expressive Writing Therapy can help you or a loved in the process of recovery and self-discovery.

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