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The Benefits of Group Therapy for Mental Health

Group therapy can be intimidating; some people even believe that it is a waste of time. How can talking about your personal problems with a bunch of strangers help you fix your own issues? While many are quick to disregard this type of psychotherapy, there are many group therapy benefits for mental health, addiction, physical ailments, and a variety of other problems.    The Advantages of Group Therapy for Mental Health Too often, people try to work through their mental health problems [...]


Time to Unplug? The Connection Between Screen Time & Mental Health

Attorneys may have a successful career but getting there isn’t easy. Poor Screen time and mental health are connected, but their exact relationship is up for debate. Learn more about the impact of screen time on our mental health and the importance of where and how you are using that time. health in law school is a major issue and not every law school student is getting help.