Sober & Ready to be Wed: How to Have a Dry Wedding

Sober & Ready to be Wed: How to Have a Dry Wedding

After hitting rock bottom, you went to an alcohol detox center in Florida. You made it through a grueling treatment, and you left the facility sober.

Now that you are still in recovery, you have found the love of your life and are now engaged.  With that rock on your finger, you get to start planning your wedding, but especially if you are thinking about a dry wedding, you may not know where to begin.

Dry Wedding Reception Ideas

As a Palm Beach residential addiction treatment center, we know that although you may have been in recovery for a while now, the idea of being surrounded by alcohol and intoxicated people on your wedding day may be less than thrilling. It is your special day, so having an alcohol-free wedding is entirely up to you and your fiancé. Start your dry wedding planning with some of these sober wedding ideas.

  1. Make dancing the main event. Just because people aren’t drinking doesn’t mean your wedding won’t be any fun. Make sure you have a good DJ or an awesome band so you can get everyone out on the dance floor. You can even have props for dancers as well. Don’t forget to lead the way so your guests follow. With a fun dance floor, guest won’t even remember that you aren’t serving alcohol.
  2. Offer other activities. If you are worried about keeping your guests entertained without alcohol, you can offer some extra activities and games for them. Wedding Planner Jessica Deltoro from Daydream Events by Jess says, “I recommend offering different interactive experiences to entertain guests, such as a candy bar, Photo Booth or if the weather is cool enough oversized yard games and s’mores bars are always a hit!” You can do everything from hiring entertainment to playing games with guests. The possibilities are endless, so get creative.
  3. Elevate the food or drinks offered. In place of alcohol, make your food and drink selections stand out. You could have a mashed potato bar or offer fun mocktails with all the garnishes. You could also have a late-night surprise snack as well.
  4. Have a morning wedding. People are much less likely to drink in the morning, so having an earlier brunch wedding would make alcohol much less missed.
  5. Have a limited bar. If you still feel like these sober wedding reception ideas are not enough to keep your guests happy, you could offer a limited bar that serves only wine or beer. This would keep the drinking to a minimum while still allowing guests to drink.

Remember this is your special day, so you should have the wedding that you want. If a dry wedding will make you happy, then do it! The people who come to your wedding love and support you.

If you have relapsed or know a loved one who needs help for a problem with substance abuse, do not be afraid to reach out. Our behavioral health facility may be able to help. To learn more about our programs and what we offer, reach out to us today at 561-220-3981.



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