Qigong Therapy

An Innovative and Effective Way to Align the Mind, Body and Soul

Qigong, also known as life energy cultivation, is a Chinese meditative practice commonly applied in martial arts training and alternative medicine. The process of qigong focuses on centering one’s qi (chi) or life force and is used to facilitate relaxation and physical fitness. Practitioners in various schools of praise qigong for its ability to increase overall awareness and to instill one with feelings of inner-peace. The practice varies slightly according to each school, but typically incorporates deliberate and slow movements, focused and rhythmic breathing, visualization and at times chanting. Over the years qigong has been adapted for various purposes, while during the past 15 years it has become increasingly common in addiction treatment.

Qigong and Addiction Recovery

At the heart of qigong is mediation, which is routinely used in addiction treatment. Qigong is a more active form of meditation – even referred to as “moving meditation”- in which one controls their breathing and engages in a series of slow-moving exercises. The breathing exercises can be done in nearly any environment. Overall, it helps patients to improve their focus, their breathing and their circulation.

The general health benefits of Qigong can include:

  • Stress Relief
  • Improved Sleep Patterns
  • Pain Relief (Specifically in the Muscles and Joints)
  • Improved Immune System Function
  • Increased Sexual Energy
  • Internal Harmony
  • Decreased Depression and Anxiety
  • Increased Cardiovascular Strength
  • Improved Overall Mental Health

As an additional therapy to detox and counseling, qigong can help quicken the body and mind’s return to normal health.

As part of our commitment to giving patients every possible chance at recovery, Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches offers professional qigong therapy from a licensed instructor. Patients learn to control their breathing and movement in a way that aligns mind, body and spirit. For more information about our qigong therapy program, please consult your intake coordinator.