Energy Therapy

Combatting drug and alcohol addiction usually leaves one feeling depleted, overwhelmed and generally powerless. Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches offers energy therapy to help empower patients and restore the harmony between mind, body and spirit. Based on the idea that emotions (both positive and negative) are always accompanied by a psychological experience, energy therapy harnesses focused healing energy to promote relaxation and balance.

How Energy Therapy Works

Patients are encouraged to think of themselves as energy fields with the power to control their interactions and experiences. This gives them a sense of empowerment and allows them to transform the negative flow of energy they experience during a difficult circumstance, such as a fight with a loved one or a set-back at work. Working closely with their therapists, patients release pent up negative emotions and redirect their energy to cultivate a more positive outlook.

Clinical Benefits of Energy Therapy

The process helps patients release the ever-present tension that affects so many areas of their lives, including their physical wellness. According to the practice of energy therapy, the negative energy we carry with us can lead to a variety of very real physical conditions, including chronic pain, intestinal distress, anxiety disorder, depression and sleep disorder. For those in recovery, energy therapy can help lessen withdrawal symptoms and help patients reevaluate their reactions and roles in the toxic circumstances that can trigger relapse. Energy therapy can be a valuable exercise for individuals in recovery and can continue to be practiced outside of treatment in order to maintain the benefits of this practice.

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