Eastern Body-Centered Psychotherapy

At Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches, we believe in providing patients with every available therapeutic resource to help them overcome their addiction and sustain their recovery. Our unique and effective Eastern body-centered psychotherapy option incorporates commonly used Eastern therapy techniques to center and reenergize patients. Much like our other body-centered wellness offerings, Eastern body-centered psychotherapy helps to align the mind, the body and the spirit through a variety of exercises, including:

These activities are combined with in-depth psychological counseling in an effort to help patients achieve overall stability in their healing process.

Recovery Benefits

Eastern body-centered psychotherapy helps patients recognize the physical strain that stress and mental illness can inflict on the body. One of the primary aims of the this therapy is to get patients to see that stress, depression, anxiety and other mood disorders can be physically felt and rob the body of its ability to function at its best. Participants are often surprised with how effective Eastern body-centered psychotherapy is in reducing the very real symptoms of their withdrawal, including headaches, panic attacks, chronic pain, etc.

Let our Eastern body-centered psychotherapy help you or your loved one lessen the physical symptoms of withdrawal and ease the mind. Call (888) 432-2467 to learn more about this therapy option.