You saved my life!

I had to write and express my thanks for literally saving my life. I am a young mother and I had developed a cocaine addiction and a drinking problem. My parents intervened luckily before the state did and have been raising my little girl for me. They were the ones who set up everything for me to go for cocaine treatment and alcohol treatment at BHOPB. Well I graduated from BHOPB last month free from drugs and alcohol. I am really blessed to have a great sponsor who is very supportive of me and I have been going to AA meetings too. I no longer have my apartment anymore so I moved back in with my parents and now I get to see my little girl all the time! I love her so much!!! Next my plan is to try and get some temporary work here in Miami. My goal is to slowly try to get my life closer to normal once again. Everyone at BHOPB was so great to me. I am really determined to stay clean & sober for my little girl and for myself. I have to bless my parents for being there for my daughter and me and bless BHOPB for giving me a second chance at life with my little girl. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!