I tried 7 different inpatient drug treatment places before I came to BHOPB

I attended 7 different inpatient drug treatment centers before I came to BHOPB. Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches is the only one that I ever felt truly cared about me and was not just trying to milk their patients’ pocketbooks dry. The set of resources and therapies I received while in treatment there were so impressive and far beyond anything I experienced anywhere else. During my entire recovery experience, I always felt safe and comfortable. At one of the former inpatient drug treatment centers I attended, I was constantly fighting off unwanted advances from another patient. Another place I tried had a patient who kept offering me drugs if I would sleep with him. That was the exact behavior I was trying to get away from by coming to an inpatient drug treatment facility in the first place!

Thank you BHOPB for my first successful recovery experience!