I finally got off my buff and sat down to write you

I finally got off my buff and sat down to write you and the God sent staff at Behavioral Health. I pray that your receipt of this small note finds you well, and in God’s love and Grace. As for me, I’m down to 3 months, two weeks and three days to retirement from the Dept. of Corrections in Ct. – not that I’m counting of course. My sobriety I take one day at a time, but I have not learned yet how to do that with other things. Just like you all said to me; “stay sober long enough and the miracles WILL FOLLOW. Despite a few rough times, my life has been one miracle after the other since I left Behavioral Health 10/29/09. My job and it’s retirement benefits have not only been saved but they have actually wiped out all of the negative reports from my personal file. If I were to get in trouble today they would treat it like a first offense. In my old stinking-thinking I would have taken the advantage of that; or should I say abused that. The Lord my God has given me, not only a new direction, but also a new and improved sense of Gratitude without which I could not stay sober. As I have told you in previous notes, I will never stop thanking you Charles, and all the staff at Behavioral Health for the role each of you played in making God’s plan for me a reality. I wish I could afford to go down and spend a few weeks there just to get refresher courses and reinforce all that I learned there. Maybe someday. Well this is it for now. My plan is for you to hear from me again when I celebrate my second anniversary. I feel it will be an anniversary for all of us. Charles you’re a God-send. God loves you more than you can imagine and is very proud of you for the way you have been such a good steward of what He’s given you. GOD BLESS YOU ALL.