Hi, well I have been doing fine. I have almost 7 months

Hi, well I have been doing fine. I have almost 7 months. I still have many problems to deal with, but I am working on them! I have a great group that I attend everyday and they are very supportive. I would like to say that I feel very strong about the things I learned at BHOPB.

The staff really opened my eyes to a lot of things. I really do believe that I am still sober today because of you guys. You all helped me to become a little more assertive, trusting of other people, face the things in my past that I didn’t care to face, gave me some patience that I needed, and a lot more, however, the thing that I got from all of the staff and clients that is most important was the feeling of being loved. It meant and still does everything in the world to me to be really loved for just being me and not for what I could do for them or be for them. I was able to just be me with no strings attached and be Heather. It had been just about my whole life I have been and adapted to everyone that has entered into my life.

I had lost my identity and spent all of my time for everyone in my life but me. I am starting to do for me now. I am really only happy when I am doing things for other people, it is just a piece of me and I have not changed that, but at least now I put myself in there too. I am so grateful for my time there and I will always remember where the beginning of my life started! I want you to know that the staff is amazing, Andrea, Mary, Ray, Scott, Liam, Lance, Danny, Bob, Gerald, Jerry, the medical department, the drivers, Ilona, they all deserve more than they can ever have because in my eyes, they are priceless. I mean that with all of my heart and soul!