Understanding Addiction to Cocaine

Cocaine. It’s the second most popular illicit substance in the United States and the second most trafficked illegal drug in the world. At least a million Americans use cocaine at least once a month. As of only a few years ago, fourteen percent of all Americans aged twelve or older had tried cocaine at least once in their lifetime.

In the century and a half since it was first created in a German laboratory, cocaine has been called both a wonder-drug and a fatal poison, hailed in song and glorified in cinema. Cocaine addiction is a severe health issue; while it results in less of a physiological dependence when compared to drugs like heroin or alcohol, the psychological effects are extremely severe, and an unsupervised attempt to overcome addiction to cocaine can end tragically in an overdose, or even in suicide.

In this free ebook, you will find detailed information on the perils of cocaine addiction, as well as advice and recommendations on how to select the best medically supervised treatment options. Download the eBook now to find out how to end you or a loved one’s struggle with addiction.

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