Still thinking like an addict

A few days ago a friend of mine asked me if I miss anything about drinking. I thought for a moment and said that sometimes, after a nice dinner, I might miss smoking a good cigar with a snifter of cognac. About five minutes later, I remembered something very significant: I never liked cognac. I guess the delusions still exist.

What about acting like an addict? I work hard, and I’m quite a perfectionist. Sometimes, it makes me really miserable. I keep doing something over and over until I really think it’s perfect, and, even then, I have second thoughts.

I wonder if I’m still trying to make up for the fifteen years or so that I screwed up everything and made my life and the lives of others miserable.


– Dr. Michael Weiner, PhD, CAP

Director of Education, Assessment and Research
Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches