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Spiritual Programs

Faith and spirituality are very often the primary source of strength for patients in recovery. Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches offers both non-denominational and specific religion-centered programs for our spiritual patients. Our non-denominational connect individuals in recovery with the idea of a higher power and use techniques such as meditation and mindfulness. Our religious programs incorporate recitation of scripture, prayer groups and weekly worship sessions to bring patients closer to God and help them avoid relapse.


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The connection between spirituality and recovery from addiction has roots that go back to the earliest forms of substance abuse treatment. Groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous came out of a Christian religious tradition that emphasized the potential for human redemption through the belief in a higher power. Although this approach is sometimes criticized by those who belong to different religious traditions (or none at all) as being exclusionary, participants often find great solace in the idea that there is a power greater than themselves and their addictions. For many involved in these programs over the years, the emphasis on a higher power is actually an empowering element that make them feel capable of overcoming their substance abuse issues.


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The spiritual programs at Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches seek to tap into the power of this approach while opening it up to individuals from different faith traditions, as well as those who believe in a less structured form of spirituality than that found in any given religion. By enabling individuals from a wider range of backgrounds and beliefs to participate in these types of spirituality-focused programs, BHOPB hopes to increase their reach and effectiveness so that almost all individuals can experience the sense of spiritual rebirth and renewal that they provide. This transformative power is a very effective tool in combating the allure of relapse and helping individuals rebuild their lives in a more positive and meaningful way.

Spiritual Recovery from Addiction

Although addiction knows no religious distinction, many patients have launched a successful recovery through their spirituality. Strength of faith is a fundamental component of traditional addiction recovery. Many individuals draw inspiration from their spiritual beliefs in varying degrees when attempting to recover from drugs and alcohol.

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Christian Alcohol and Drug Rehab

Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches offers one of the leading Christian drug and alcohol rehab programs in the country. Allowing Christian patients to draw strength and motivation from their faith in Christ, the program focuses on healing through a comprehensive range of therapeutic methods, including:

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