Professional Programs

In our many years of experience treating substance abuse at Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches, we have identified a variety of professions that face unique challenges with regard to substance abuse and mental illness. Although high workplace stress levels are common to all of them, each of these professions has their own particular issues that need to be addressed in treatment. Due to this fact, we have created specialized professional programs for substance dependents in these identified fields. These professionals include: professional athletes, healthcare professionals, aviation professionals, first responders, and active duty and retired members of the military.

grid of symbols representing jobs that might qualify for professional programs such as football airplane military tank ambulance and stethescope

Our professional programs were designed to offer quality treatment to individuals in careers in these fields that are prone to substance abuse and other mental health issues. These programs not only help individuals suffering from job-related substance abuse pursue recovery, they also help them resume their careers. Each of these professions has its own story to tell regarding susceptibility to substance abuse, but they all place their professionals at greater risk than others.

team of racially diverse doctors crossing their arms and ready to work with patients in professional programs

Professional athletes often begin using prescription drugs while playing their sports to deal with chronic pain or injuries they suffer on the job, however the addictions they sometimes develop can continue long after their playing days end. Healthcare professionals deal with the stress of saving lives every day and can be tempted by easy access to prescription medications in the workplace. Active duty and retired military personnel face much higher rates of PTSD from trauma on the battlefield, putting them at greater risk for substance abuse. These unique workplace stories all deserve substance abuse treatment plans and programs that are designed specifically for individuals in these high-risk professions. Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches has created programs for professionals in each of these fields that can enable them to overcome their challenges and greet the new dawn with meaning and purpose.