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Intervention Programs

At Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches we recognize the toll that substance abuse takes on loved ones and offer a variety of intervention programs to help repair families and guide addicted individuals into treatment. Intervention can be the key factor in getting a substance abuser to recognize that they have a problem and agree to commit to professional treatment. Because so many substance abusers who need treatment go untreated, the critical role played by interventions cannot be underestimated.


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At the same time, interventions should always be professionally planned, supervised, and coordinated. Without professional guidance, an intervention can quickly go wrong, resulting in a subject who becomes defensive, possibly violent, and increasingly resistant to the idea of seeking treatment. This is the worst-case outcome, as it makes all of the participants lose faith in the process and can alienate the subject of the intervention from pursuing treatment even at a later date. Professional interventionists, such as those at Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches, can ensure that the intervention goes as smoothly as possible, ensuring the best chance of a positive outcome from everyone involved.


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In addition to our traditional intervention services, we are one of the few organizations to offer specialized treatment for executive patients, and understand the psychology and behavioral aspects of chemical dependency among this unique group. Executives and other high-level professionals often feel they can "power through" any obstacle without the help of others; this makes them particularly resistant to the idea that they have a problem that requires professional help. An executive intervention must be designed with this reality in mind, and executed in a way that does not challenge the ego or self-image of the executive in counterproductive ways. The professional interventionists at Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches have the skills and experience to implement an executive intervention in a way that is sensitive to all of the unique aspects that apply.

Codependency Intervention

Codependency is defined as a relationship in which one person suffers from addiction to alcohol or drugs and the other person is dangerously attached to the addict and will go to extreme and ill-advised lengths to make them happy, including helping them perpetuate their addiction.

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Executive Intervention

Professional stress is a common contributor to drug and alcohol addiction. Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches' Seaside facility provides executive intervention for companies that have high-performing, executive-level employees who are suffering from substance abuse.

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Alcohol Intervention

Loved ones of alcoholics shoulder a great burden. They live their lives under constant stress due to their friend or family member’s descent into addiction. On the other hand, the fear of confrontation and the hesitance to admit that there is an abuse problem often prevents them from offering true help to an alcoholic.

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Drug Intervention

The loving involvement of family and friends is very often the only way to reach out to a victim of drug. We offer immediate and proactive drug interventions to help victims of drug abuse and their families deal with this urgent and time-sensitive matter.

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