Holistic Drug Rehab

The Mind-Body-Spirit Approach

Drug addiction attacks your body, controls your mind and diminishes your spirit. In order to heal, you need to address all of these factors. While many drug rehab facilities focus on treating just the addiction, Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches offers a holistic drug rehab program that follows a total-healing approach.

By experiencing the relaxing nature of our facility, the expertise of our staff and the self-examination exercises of our holistic drug rehab program, our patients are better able to enjoy continuous recovery long after their treatment has ended. When patients begin to better understand themselves on the inside, they’re better able to exercise self-control on the outside.

Take Control of Your Health and Your Life

The primary objective of our drug treatment program is to improve the health and well-being of our patients. Many who are addicted to drugs fail to keep up with maintaining their overall health long before entering treatment and develop additional unhealthy habits on top of their excessive drug abuse. Restoring their health allows our patients to get a glimpse into the damage drugs have done to them physically and into who they could be post-therapy.

Better health leads to increased feelings of happiness, which in turn lessens the need to use and abuse drugs. We offer fitness and flexibility courses to promote physical health as well as mental health. Our spiritual exploration courses are designed to force our patients to confront and address their negative feelings and thoughts in healthier ways.

Pain Management in Holistic Drug Rehab

When most people think of drug rehab, they imagine people abusing illicit drugs like heroin, cocaine or marijuana. But the largest drug problem in the US is the abuse of prescription pills. There are millions of Americans trapped in the cycle of pain pill addiction.

Opioids don’t eliminate pain, they just hide it temporarily from your brain’s pain receptors. So when people use prescription drugs for pain, they are essentially placing a bandage on it instead of addressing the root cause. Long-term use of opioids makes them have less of an effect, causing people to believe they need to consume more of the drug in order to get the desired effect from the drug. Even further, opioids actually make your body more sensitive to pain, again making you believe you need to take more.

This scenario often ends in pain pill addiction. Our experienced professionals use a number of drug-free pain management techniques to help our patients move past their addictions in time. Our goal is to debunk the theory that the only remedy to pain is prescription drug use.

Recovery Begins With Just One Call

If you or someone you love is struggling with drug addiction, don’t confront this issue on your own. Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches has an established track record of success in treating drug addicts and helping them retake control of their lives.

Prolonged drug abuse leaves toxins in the blood and damages an individual on multiple levels. Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches offers holistic drug rehab to address all of the damage caused by drugs. Contact us today at (888) 432-2467 to begin changing your life.