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Women Only Rehab

Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches offers a women-only rehab program that allows our female patient population to safely, comfortably, and effectively heal from substance abuse and mental illness. Administered at our Recovery Center for Women, the program addresses the complex and sensitive issues that are specific to women by eliminating the trust issues female patients often experience in co-ed treatment.

Establishing trust so that patients are comfortable enough to embrace treatment is a critical step in the process of recovery. Female patients often experience difficulty trusting the opposite sex, whether it’s due to events they experienced when they were abusing drugs or alcohol or a toxic male relationship that may have caused substance abuse in the first place. Before any patient - male or female - can begin to heal, they must be secure and comfortable in their environment. The inability to trust is often the primary roadblock to a woman getting the care she needs.

Elements of Women-Only Rehab

Our women-only rehab program addresses the complex and unique care needs of each individual patient. Strong emphasis is placed on individual and group discussion. Some other elements of treatment include:


Safe, compassionate, medically supervised detox from qualified clinical experts. Our doctors and nurses make every effort to alleviate withdrawal symptoms by using medication and other means to make patients as comfortable as possible.

Mental Health Treatment

We administer cutting-edge clinical therapy for depression, anxiety and other mental disorders that are often directly responsible for a patient’s substance abuse. This is accomplished thorough assessment and the development of a customized care plan.

Intensive Outpatient Care

We offer focused, targeted and specialized outpatient treatment for women who find it too challenging to make the lifestyle adjustments needed for residential care. The reality is that many women balance careers, families, and other obligations that prevent them from staying in an inpatient program. Our quality programs provide a useful alternative for these women who are unable to enroll as inpatients in a facility. 

Extended Care Treatment

This program allows for patients with more severe or complicated addictions to properly reconstruct their lives so they can successfully reintegrate into society. We make sure that patients have the tools they need to successfully transition back into their lives with minimal threat of relapsing. Extended care stretches beyond traditional inpatient programs so that patients are given ample time to heal.

Trauma Treatment

Our trauma treatment program helps patients safely and effectively confront the traumatic experiences that have led to their drug and alcohol use, so they can move past them and rebuild their lives. Through one-on-one counseling and specialized treatment therapies, patients learn to live with their trauma without constantly reliving it.

Codependency Treatment

This program helps patients develop their confidence and become their own person by exploring the motivating factors that lead to codependent relationships and that sustain drug and alcohol abuse. We offer treatment to both parties trapped in a codependent relationship so they can attain the pride, autonomy, and self-worth necessary for the addicted party to maintain recovery.

Eating Disorder and Chemical Dependency Treatment

This program helps patients suffering from both eating disorder and addiction by simultaneously treating both conditions. Although the circumstances that lead to both problems are often identical, each comes with its own separate consequences which are also effectively addressed in treatment. By treating both problems simultaneously with in-depth psychological examination and a focus on healthy overall living, patients learn to break this vicious cycle and manage the issues in their lives that have led to these two mental disorders.

Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment

Although they can be dangerous, the effectiveness of prescription drugs in treating pain has made them become commonly administered in the medical world. This program helps patients defeat their addiction to painkillers while giving them the tools they need to resist relapse when they encounter them in the outside world after treatment.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Dual diagnosis or co-occurring disorder treatment involves simultaneous care for addiction and a mental disorder. These two issues are usually linked, which is why it’s important to treat them both individually. This includes addressing the immediate physical consequences of addiction through clinical care, while helping patients overcome the psychological impediments that often aggravate their drug and alcohol abuse. Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches is a leader in dual diagnosis treatment.

Women-only rehab is an ideal option for female patients searching for a safe and effective way to get help with their drug and alcohol abuse.

Females who want to be free of addiction will find many advantages in our women only rehab program. Take the first step in allowing us to help you or someone you love reclaim their lives by calling (888) 432-2467.

Infographic:Women only Rehab

This infographic enumerates some of the unique elements in the typical expression of substance abuse and mental illness in women as opposed to men. Drawing upon information and statistics from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, the National Institutes of Health, and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration - this infographic makes the case that women only rehab can be an appropriate tool in addressing the unique challenges women face in recovery. The infographic begins with noting that women often progress quicker from drinking problems to full-blown addiction than men. It also states that women are more likely to have co-occurring psychiatric disorders along with their addictions. It concludes by examining the unmet need for treatment among women by citing the statistic that less than 15% of women with substance abuse issues receive treatment.

Infographic explaining why women only rehab works better and faster then co-ed rehab because there are no distractions
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