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General Treatment Programs

When it comes to substance abuse treatment, one size definitely does not fit all. Each individual in need of treatment comes to the process with their own unique combination of struggles and challenges, and a cookie-cutter approach to substance abuse treatment simply cannot meet this diversity of needs. That is why the programs at Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches are designed to flexibly adapt to every patient's unique situation, incorporating different elements and components as appropriate. In addition, we have a number of specialized programs created for distinct populations who encounter many of the same issues in their paths to recovery.


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Our extensive menus of specialized treatment programs are at the root of our success and why we have become one of the leading behavioral health organizations in the country.

Our facilities are equipped to offer expert treatment for a wide variety of mental health disorders and addictions.


Our programs incorporate evidenced-based research and best practices to deliver quality treatment to our patients.

At Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches we offer a diverse array of specialized programs, including: residential and long-term programs, programs designed for young adults, executives, and those addicted to specific substances such as heroin or pain medications.


Our programs also treat a variety of co-occurring physical and mental health disorders that many substance abusers face.

These include physical conditions like chronic pain and organ damage due to substance abuse as well as psychiatric conditions like which often help fuel an individual's drug-seeking behavior:



Bipolar disorders


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All of these options help each individual get the exact range of services they need to give them the best chance at a complete and long-lasting recovery from their substance abuse problems and other related issues.


This kind of multifaceted approach is the result of many years of experience and research in the field, yielding effective, evidence-based plans of treatment that can be tailored to any individual's unique set of circumstances.


Residential Alcohol and Drug Rehab

Residential rehab is designed to immerse patients in their recovery and give them the time they need to properly heal, build their confidence, and relearn how to develop relationships. Residential patients also have the benefit of supervision and a safe environment during the more vulnerable points in their recovery, specifically right after detox.

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Long Term Alcohol and Drug Rehab

Each Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches facility offers comprehensive, long-term alcohol and drug rehab to patients who require care beyond the traditional 30-day treatment model. Our comprehensive treatment programs incorporate total behavior modification, in-depth group and individual counseling, family involvement, and a range of other specialized therapies.

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Young Adult Alcohol and Drug Rehab

Today’s young adult faces an inordinate amount of pressures and challenges. The expectations to grow up, succeed, fit in, and even to find their general place in the world affect young adults in ways they don’t even realize.

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Executive Alcohol and Drug Rehab

Executives and high-power professionals face a special level of stress, pressure and anxiety. There’s always a project to manage, deadlines to meet, clients to please, and goals to exceed. It truly is lonely at the top, which is why many executives have turned to drugs and alcohol to cope with professional pressure.

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Luxury Alcohol and Drug Rehab

A person of means is no less vulnerable to addiction. In fact, there are many situations in which the circumstances of wealth can enable drug and alcohol abuse. We have developed a luxury alcohol and drug rehab program that allows patients of means to receive quality treatment in the lifestyle to which they are accustomed.

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Pain Medication Addiction Treatment

Prescription drug abuse has become the most dominant addiction threat of the modern era. For the last three years, prescription-related overdose deaths have surpassed those of heroin and cocaine combined. Although they are effective in the treatment of chronic pain, prescription opioids like OxyContin, Vicodin and Percocet can also be incredibly deadly.

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Pain Services Rehab

Many pain sufferers often succumb to prescription addiction due to high potency painkillers like OxyContin and Vicodin. The longer they continue to use these prescriptions, the more tolerant their bodies become, until they need an unhealthy amount of the drug to properly function and live life pain-free.

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Heroin Addiction Treatment

Heroin abuse and addiction has gripped the country and grown to be one of the worst health crises in U.S. history. From urban street corners to rural farms and suburban neighborhoods, the scourge of heroin addiction has caused untold damage to millions of American families.

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Rehab For Boomers

Specialized and Focused Substance Abuse Treatment for Baby Boomers

Many consider addiction to be a younger persons’ problem. The institutional support and media attention given to protecting our children from drugs and alcohol has caused many to look past the rampant addiction plaguing the elderly, particularly in Florida.

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Drug and Alcohol Rehab

When it comes to treating drug and alcohol dependency, many make the mistake of focusing solely on the effects of the addiction. At Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches, we’ve found that substance abuse issues are often symptoms of a preexisting mental disorder or the result of a traumatic experience.

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Recreational Athlete Pain Pill Addiction

Part of being an athlete at any level is dealing with the inevitability of body aches and pains. While the challenges for professional athletes with chronic pain are well documented, many recreational athletes also struggle with incessant and debilitating body pain.

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DUI Rehab Alternative

It has been proven that individuals arrested for alcohol and drug-related offenses are more successful in recovery when they quickly enter treatment than when they delay it. In our experience, effective representation for alcohol and drug-related offenders includes an effort by their counsel to improve the client's condition at the conclusion of their case.

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