Share your story and rehab experience at BHOPB on MTV’s World of Jenks

MTV’s “World of Jenks” is interested in sharing the story of what it is like to be a person dealing with addiction and documenting the road to recovery.

There are many young people who are dealing with addiction issues and are going through exactly what you may be feeling. Often times young people facing addiction may feel alone, misunderstood, scared, and not know what to do. For that reason MTV’s “World of Jenks” is interested in sharing the story and making addiction a topic for this documentary series.

Being part of a nation-wide television series, sharing your story, and the recovery experience through your eyes can help other people in your shoes know they are not alone and educate them peer to peer about the universal issue of drug addiction.

If you are interested in getting treatment and also sharing your story on MTV’s “World of Jenks” or if you would like additional information please call or email today!