BHOPB’s Pro Recovery Team interviewed at Radio Row during Super Bowl week 2016

For a third consecutive year, Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches (BHOPB) will be represented by members of its Pro Recovery Team at Radio Row during Super Bowl week, beginning on Sunday, January 31 in Santa Clara, CA. While the Panthers and Broncos will be preparing for Super Bowl 50, the Pro Recovery Team will be fielding interviews from famous radio personalities from across the United States to discuss drug and alcohol addiction and promote the recovery services at Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches.

In three short years, the BHOPB Pro Recovery Team has grown from just one member to a group of six certified sober coaches and interventionists who are all former professional athletes. These men – Randy Grimes, Vance Johnson, Paul Fletcher, Christopher T. Jones and Sean Dykes – provide unique life perspectives to help athletes struggling with addiction get the help they need. The Pro Recovery Team also hosts a weekly video show called “The Weekly Huddle”. This video show was specifically created for patients who are treated at BHOPB’s Recovery Center for Men facility. The show features lively and entertaining discussions between former professional athletes talking about the challenges of overcoming addiction and playing professional sports.

Once in treatment, the Pro Recovery Team is available to patients from BHOPB’s Recovery Center for Men facility who want to utilize their services to help them through every step of their journey to sobriety.

Photo of Pro Recovery Team member Vance Johnson shaking hands with Jerry Rice at Radio Row 2016 in San Francisco this week.

Pro Recovery Team member Vance Johnson, former Denver Broncos player and three-time Super Bowl participant said, “I am really looking forward to attending this year’s Radio Row with my Denver Broncos representing the AFC in the Super Bowl. I think it may help give us a bigger platform to bring increased awareness to the growing problem of addiction in our country.”

Johnson added, “The heroin epidemic has gotten so bad that during the Democratic and Republican debates, several different presidential candidates on both sides were talking about it. The Pro Recovery Team realizes that raising awareness is only the first step in combating addiction, so it is our hope that we will be able to educate the public further so that they can begin taking the necessary steps to help themselves or a loved one who may be struggling. We are all professionally trained Sober Coaches and our patients can request our services to help them throughout the recovery process, or even to just be a friend to talk to in a time of need.”

Radio Row has become one of the marquee destinations for fans, media and celebrities in the week leading up to the Super Bowl. It features more than 100 media outlets set up at clusters of booths and tables, and it is often a place for current and former athletes to gather and get out important messages.


Photo of Pro Recovery Team member Randy Grimes being interviewed at Radio Row 2016 in San Francisco this week.

Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches offers addiction recovery programs specifically tailored for professional athletes. These programs take into account the unique needs and challenges facing current and former athletes. The ultimate goal of the Pro Recovery Team is to inform the public about the addiction recovery programs at BHOPB and to speak to athletes who may be in need of help but are unsure of where to find it.

For more information on Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches or how to have the Pro Recovery Team speak at an event, please call (888) 432-2467.