Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches Launches Season 2 of “Recovery TV Live”

Following a highly successful inaugural season, Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches aired the initial episode of the second season of “Recovery TV Live” on February 20. This is a web based television show that examines the many nuances and critical issues surrounding substance abuse, addiction, mental health and recovery.

The show features professional advice from addiction care and medical experts. It also delves into firsthand accounts of patients\' struggles with chemical dependency and alcoholism, while exploring their journey from addiction to recovery.

The first episode of the second season centers on the link between alcoholism and domestic violence. Hosted by BHOPB CEO Alan Stevens and former NFL wide receiver, Vance Johnson, the episode goes into Vance\'s addiction struggles during and after his 10-year career with the Denver Broncos. After completing rehab at BHOPB, Vance began working with the Florida recovery center as a personal trainer and spiritual leader.

Vance goes into detail about growing up in a household where alcohol abuse and domestic violence were present and the ways in which that affected him as an adult. He also discusses his slow descent into addiction, the way it nearly took his life and his subsequent walk to recovery.

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About Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches

Since its opening in 1997, Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches has established itself as national leaders in the addiction care industry. We have helped thousands of patients and families in their battle against drug and alcohol addiction and in their quests for sobriety. Our team of medical professionals, mental health experts and dedicated addiction therapists offer unmatched service to offer patients total healing.

Our South Florida rehab center has its own research department, administers onsite medical detox, offers dozens of therapies, identifies and treats mental disorders and provides graduates with crucial aftercare services. Our philosophy of treating the whole patient, not just the addiction, has helped us become one of the nation\'s most successful rehab facilities.

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