Pets and Addiction Treatment

Bring the Comfort of Home to Rehab

It’s not uncommon for a person to develop a close bond and friendship with their dog, cat or any other house pets they have. Pets don’t talk back. Pets don’t judge. Pets offer the unconditional love that a recovering drug or alcohol addict needs at their lowest moment. We realize how comforting the daily welcome from a house pet can be, so we’ve allowed patients to bring their pets to our Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches facility.

A little familiarity goes a long way in treatment, where patients have been removed from their homes, jobs, families, friends and everyday lives. People are almost always overjoyed knowing they’ll get to have their companion waiting for them at the end of each long day of rehab. Their presence alone provides therapy to pet owners in recovery.

Benefits of Pet Companionship in Addiction Treatment

As evidenced by the physical condition many patients enter rehab in, drug and alcohol addiction causes a person to stop caring for themselves or anything else that isn’t getting them the high they’re looking for. Combining the familiarity and care of a patient’s own pet during their addiction treatment helps them to feel comfortable and relaxed.

Additionally, multiple studies have shown that spending time around a pet may be more beneficial and productive than speaking to friends and family members. Much of this is based on a patient’s desire to hide the full truth about their addictions as well as their difficulties in honestly expressing themselves for fear of judgment.

Animals want nothing from their owner besides love and attention. This knowledge comforts patients in rehab and motivates them to successfully complete it. Call (888) 432-2467 to learn more about how you or your loved one can involve the care of a pet into addiction treatment.