Detoxification Massage Therapy

Natural Pain Relief is Available

Detoxification massage is available during our medically supervised detox stage.

The withdrawal associated with detoxification, the ridding of the body’s toxic substances can be extremely painful, uncomfortable and stressful. The physical and emotional turmoil that detox can have often leads patients to want to quit the rehabilitation process.

Our certified massage therapists work tirelessly to relieve these issues and to help patients maintain the strength needed to bear through detox.

Anyone who has ever gotten a massage before knows how effective it can be at relieving pain and stress. For those who have been suffering from drug addiction, which often coincides with anxiety and general distress, experiencing a massage from our therapists might be the first time in a long time that they feel able to relax.

Massages have also been highly effective in reducing high blood pressure, improving blood flow and reducing chronic pain symptoms.

Let us help you relieve:

What’s more, massage therapy can help patients manage the emotional stress of detox. After all, one’s emotions are deeply tied to one’s physical health. To neglect or harm your body through abusing drugs means to neglect yourself on a fundamental level. By experiencing the physical relaxation of a massage, patients can begin to feel more in touch with their bodies – and with themselves. Through the beginnings of pain management and self-reflection during detox, patients can be physically and emotionally strengthened to confront their addiction.

Maintain Your Motivation During Detox

You don’t have to suffer through detox alone: we can help. Call (888) 432-2467 to learn more about our detoxification massage therapy and how it can help you or your loved one bear through the pain and stress of drug or alcohol detox.