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Infographics About Addiction, Intervention, Treatment and Recovery

How to pick an addiction treatment center
How to Pick an Addiction Treatment Center 7 Essentials
Prescription Opioids Infographic
Infographic: Prescription Opioids
Infographic: Synthetic Opioids
Infographic: Synthetic Opioids
Infographic: Florida Alcohol and Drug Rehab
Infographic: Florida Alcohol and Drug Rehab
Infographic: Florida Drug Detox Centers
Infographic: Florida Drug Detox Centers
Infographic: South Florida Drug Addiction Treatment
Infographic: South Florida Drug Addiction Treatment
Infographic: Florida Drug Alcohol Treatment
Infographic: Florida Drug Alcohol Treatment
Infographic: Florida Alcohol Intervention
Infographic: Florida Alcohol Intervention
Infographic: Florida Drug Intervention
Infographic: Florida Drug Intervention
Inforgraphic:Florida Drug Abuse Treatment
Inforgraphic: Florida Drug Abuse Treatment
Inforgraphic Palm Beach Drug Rehab
Inforgraphic Palm Beach Drug Rehab
Inforgraphic South Florida Drug Rehab
Inforgraphic South Florida Drug Rehab
Infographic showing the importance of Florida Drug Rehab Centers
Infographic-Florida Drug Rehab Center
Infographic about considering the DUI Rehab Alternative to imprisionment
Infographic: DUI Rehab Alternative
Infographic showing florida alcohol detox facilities by county
Infographic:Florida Alcohol Detox Facilities By County
Infographic showing why so many baby boomers need substance abuse treatment and rehab today.
Infographic Rehab for Baby Boomers
infographic explaining the different types of Florida Substance Abuse Treatment options
Infographic: Florida Substance Abuse Treatment
infographic explaining what Florida Dual Diagnosis Treatment is and how it is used to treat patients suffering from both addiction and mental health problems at the same time
infographic: Florida Dual Diagnosis Treatment
Infographic warning about the increase of opioid abusers also abusing steroids at the same time.
Infographic: Mixing Steroids and Opioids
infographic showing Florida to be the mecca for substance abuse treatment with over 400 rehabs throughout the state and the highest concentration in Palm Beach county
Infographic: Drug Rehab Programs in Florida
infographic warning of the dangers of mixing alcohol and drugs to get high
Infographic: Mixing Alcohol and Drugs
infographic warning of the danger of mixing alcohol & amphetamines together
infographic: Mixing Alcohol and Amphetamines
infographic warning of the danger of mixing alcohol & opioids with one another
Infographic: Mixing Alcohol and Opioids
infographic warning of the negative impact on business when employees abuse alcohol or drugs in the workplace
Infographic: Executive Alcohol and Drug Rehab
infographic explaining the additional benefits that luxury alcohol and drug rehab offer their patients
Infographic: Luxury Alcohol Drug Rehab
infographic showing drawing of 1950's looking married couple fighting as the result of alcohol or drug addiction
Infographic: Couples Therapy
infographic explaining what codependency is and why an intervention is often necessary to get both parties help to stop enabling one another
Infographic: Codependency Intervention
infographic explaining why so many first responders often suffer from substance abuse
Infographic: First Responders Substance Abuse
infographic warning why many young adults need alcohol and drug treatment and why residential rehab is more effective then outpatient rehab.
Infographic: Young Adult Alcohol and Drug Treatment
Infographic asking the question if professional athletes are wired for substance abuse and will need professional treatment to get better
Infographic: Professional Athlete Substance Abuse Treatment
Infographic explaining the advantages of residential alcohol and drug rehab compared with only short-term detox
Infographic: Residential Rehab vs Short-term Detox
infographic showing over 7% of U.S. veterans have a substance abuse problem
Infographic: Military Drug Rehab
infographic stating over 100K healthcare professionals with an substance abuse problem
Infographic: Healthcare Professionals Treatment
infographic citing 223 million adults in the U.S. will experience some form of trauma during their lives and may need trauma recovery treatment
Infographic Trauma Recovery Treatment
Infographic using an cartoon of a family with father drinking and yelling to illustrates how drug & alcohol abuse affects everyone in the family
Infographic: Family Program
Infographic explaining that using drugs to detox is not going to cure anyone from addiction without additional rehab treatment
Infographic: Drug Detox
Infographic citing that 75% of people who have had a professional alcohol intervention accept treatment afterwards.
Infographic: Alcohol Intervention
Infographic explaining what light sound neurotherapy treatment is and how its beneficial to patients with mental health issues or addiction
Infographic: Light Sound Neurotherapy Treatment
infographic explaining what neurofeedback therapy is and how its beneficial to patients with mental health issues or addiction
Infographic: Neurofeedback Therapy
Infographic explaining why women only rehab works better and faster then co-ed rehab because there are no distractions
Infographic:Women only Rehab
infographic explaining the need for professional intervention because 8 out of 10 people with substance abuse problems are in denial
Infographic: Drug Intervention
infographic showing over 50 million U.S. adults have used painkillers without an prescription
Infographic: Pain Pills Detox
infographic outlining the 3 stages patients will experience during alcohol detox
Infographic: Alcohol Detox
infographic asks the question if suboxone is a real addiction cure or are you just trading one addiction for a different one
Infographic: Detox From Suboxone
infographic stating that long-term alcohol & drug rehab produces better results then short-term rehab
Infographic: Long term alcohol & drug rehab produces better results
infographic citing that 12 million people in the U.S. have a sex addiction problem
Infographic: The growing problem of sex addiction
infographic citing Florida's increasing problem of babies being born addicted to narcotics
Infographic: Passed Down-Florida’s Addicted Baby Problem
infographic explaining what Psychodrama is and how it can be beneficial to those battling addiction
Infographic: Psychodrama-Mastering your role in your own life's story
infographic warning that people suffering from major depression are 4X more likely to abuse alcohol or drugs
Infographic: The Dark Cloud of Depression and Addiction
infographic explaining how enablers & enabled so easily fit together like a bad jigsaw puzzle
Infographic: Enablers and Enabled: The Codependency Puzzle
infographic showing that adults with mental illness are 3X more likely to abuse alcohol or drugs and 1 in 5 U.S. adults suffers from mental illness
Infographic: Untying the Knot: Mental Disorders and Addiction
infographic citing that 1 in 5 U.S. adults suffer from anxiety disorders
Infographic: Anxiety Disorders and Benzos Abuse
infographic citing that 1 in 10 americans suffer from some form of depression
Infographic: Depression’s Reach
infographic showing that 20 million women and 10 million men suffer from eating disorders in the U.S.
Infographic: Eating Disorders in the US
infographic citing that underage drinking in Palm Beach county in Florida is higher then the national average
Infographic: Palm Beach County’s Drinking Problem
infographic citing that 3 billion a year is spent in lower Florida on underage drinking
Infographic: Higher Drinking Rates in Lower Florida
infographic showing that 119 billion a year in the U.S. is lost on gambling and 7 billion of that is from compulsive gambling
Infographic: Gambling Addiction - A Losing Bet
infographic points out people with anger management problems have a higher chance for substance abuse
Infographic: Normal Anger vs. Problem Anger
infographic citing that between 2004-2008 1/2 of pilots death involved drugs or alcohol
Infographic: Flying High
infographic cites 5.1 million people have abused pain medication in the U.S.
Infographic: Painkiller Addiction in the US is an Epidemic
infographic states 1 in 3 U.S. adults suffer from chronic pain costing our nation up to 635 billion every year
Infographic: A Nation in Pain
infographic warns of the danger of alcohol and depression that can result in higher incidence of suicide
Infographic: Alcohol and Depression - A Vicious and Potentially Deadly Circle
infographic sites 26.8 million american children are exposed and possibly negatively impacted by alcoholism in their family
Infographic: 26.8 Million American Children are Exposed to Alcoholism in Their Family
infographic warns of the numerous long-term health problems that can result from alcoholism
Infographic: Long-Term Effects of Alcoholism
infographic states that almost 50% of all 10th graders in the U.S. drink alcohol and 44% of 18-22 year olds binge drink
Infographic: Teen Alcohol Abuse
infographic illustrating the 7 most important things to look for when choosing a rehab for you or your loved one
Infographic: How to Pick an Addiction Treatment Center - 7 Essentials
infographic citing the average drug addiction relapse rates are between 40% to 60%
Infographic: The Need for Ongoing Addiction Treatment
infographic citing 10,076 deaths from drunk driving just in 2013
Infographic: Drunk-driving in the US
infographic citing Florida is in the top 5 U.S. states with the most addiction treatment centers
Infographic: Alcohol Treatment in Florida
infographic cites addiction research correlating longer patient treatment stays and higher success rates
Infographic: Recovering from Drug Addiction in Florida
infographic warning perspective patients to make sure any rehab they choose is JCAHO certified
Infographic: Is your Rehab Facility JCAHO Certified?
infographic citing between 2010-2012 there were 2,666 deaths from drug overdose in Florida
Infographic: Florida A State of Recovery
infographic stating that alcohol is the number 1 abused substance in the U.S.
Infographic: Alcohol is the Number 1 Abused Substance in the U.S.