tori hodge

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Tori Hodge

Clinical Coordinator - Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches

Recently divorced and with two young children, Tori suffered from self-described inexplicable feelings of depression and loneliness, which she medicated with prescription drugs and alcohol. Tori’s family history of addiction and internal emptiness sparked an 18-year battle with pills and alcohol. When she finally went to treatment, her doctors “loved her until she learned how to love herself”, and helped her to unlock the origins of her depression.

While she regrets not tackling her addiction sooner, she now uses her work as Clinical Coordinator at Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches as an opportunity to talk about addiction in an open and productive manner, an opportunity she was never afforded. Her experience as an addiction survivor has prompted her to treat clients with respect, integrity and decency. Tori is committed to sharing her story in the hopes of helping to save the lives of others, the way she says her life was saved.