randy grimes

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Randy Grimes

Community Liaison - Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches

Randy’s addiction to prescription painkillers started in the middle of his professional football career with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He started taking pain pills to prolong his career so he could provide for his family and continue to prove himself on the field. After his career ended, he fell deeper into pill dependency, losing his family, his money and literally waiting for pills to kill him. After a close friend and former teammate suffered a fatal overdose of pills, Randy summoned the strength and courage to finally ask for help. Literally crawling into treatment, doubled over in sickness, Randy was looking for a miracle, and got it. After completing treatment, he mended his relationship with his family and began his second life as a treatment advocate and spokesperson for BHOPB. He has helped hundreds of people find their way back from substance abuse to a rich and full life. His passion now lies in seeing the successful external and internal transformation of each and every client Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches treat.