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Jerry Murray

Clinical Director - Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches

Like countless other addiction victims, Jerry’s drug use started off as recreational. He soon became locked in an addiction, which was inflamed by divorce and intense personal tragedy. He admittedly relinquished his integrity and stopped caring about himself and the world around him. With his last ounce of personal strength, he started attending twelve-step meetings at homeless shelter, where he was encouraged to pursue further education and embrace recovery. At first, he doubted the power of the process, but was told that if he kept coming, things would improve—they did.

At 43, Jerry Began to rebuild his life. He has celebrated 19 inspirational years of sobriety, and has worked hard to repair his relationship with his mother, who he says never gave up on him. Jerry now uses his experience to help others overcome their addictions, no matter how hopeless their situation may seem, through his work at Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches.