Seaside Palm Beach Luxury Rehab

Seaside Palm Beach is an exclusive, luxurious and discrete treatment center for individuals suffering from addiction and mental disorders.


  • Luxury drug and alcohol detox and rehab
  • Integrated wellness plans
  • Beautiful living spaces with five-star amenities

You don’t have to sacrifice your standard of living on the journey to wellness.

Luxury Rehabilitation Retreat

Seaside Palm Beach administers BHOPB’s luxury and executive rehabilitation programs. We combine Western addiction treatment with holistic therapies and spiritual guidance that promotes transformational recovery and healing. We accomplish by applying Western and Eastern approaches in treating addictive diseases. Seaside Palm Beach provides incomparable treatment to our guests and their families with a professional treatment staff that has significant education and experience in the field of addictions treatment.

Research & Development

Over nearly 20 years, we have garnered considerable expertise and experience while successfully treating the alcoholic and the addict. We are one of the few substance abuse retreat programs that has its own research and development department dedicated to continuing the active study and development of new and cutting-edge addiction treatment models.


Alcohol Detox
Alcohol Intervention
Alumni Network
Anger Management Treatment
Anxiety Management Treatment
Aviation Professionals Treatment
Bipolar Disorder Treatment
Codependency Intervention
Codependency Treatment
Depression Recovery Treatment
Detox From Suboxone
Drug and Alcohol Rehab
Drug Detox
Drug Free Pain Management
Drug Intervention
Dual Diagnosis Treatment
Eating Disorders and Chemical Dependency
Family Addiction Education & Support Group
Family Program
Gambling Addiction Treatment
Healthcare Professionals Treatment
Heroin Addiction Treatment
Holistic Addiction Treatment
Holistic Alcohol Rehab
Holistic Drug Rehab
Luxury Alcohol and Drug Rehab
Pain Medication Addiction Treatment
Pain Pills Detox
Professional Athlete Substance Abuse Treatment
Rehab For Boomers
Relapse Prevention
Residential Alcohol and Drug Rehab
Seaside Alumni Group
Spiritual Recovery from Addiction

Acupuncture & Biofeedback
Art Therapy
Bio Bed Therapy
Body-Centered Wellness
Chiropractic Therapy
Couples Therapy
Detoxification Massage Therapy
Eastern Body-Centered Psychotherapy
Energy Therapy
Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing
Light Sound Neurotherapy Treatment
Meditation Therapy
Music Therapy
Pets and Addiction Treatment
Psychodrama Therapy
Spiritual Therapy