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Recovery Center for Men of the Palm Beaches

The Recovery Center for Men offers comprehensive treatment for drug and alcohol abuse and mental illness exclusively to male patients. We provide patients with individualized care plans.


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Thorough, comprehensive treatment for male patients who have let substance abuse and mental illness negatively impact their lives.

Discrete and Expert Treatment

The Recovery Center for Men administers BHOPB’s men-only treatment program and provides male patients with unmatched clinical care for chemical dependency and mental illness. Incorporating traditional treatment methods with specialized therapies, we help patients work through the complex issues that have contributed to their substance abuse to help them heal on all levels and rebuild their lives.

Cutting-Edge, Modernized Techniques

We are mindful of the complicated issues that men face in their lives and have developed innovative recreational therapies that allow them to safely and responsibly work through their mental disorder and successfully manage their addictions. This program offers one-of-a-kind, specialized treatment for males suffering from a wide range of mental illnesses, including depression, anxiety, trauma and addiction.