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Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches reviews

I attended 7 different inpatient drug treatment centers before I came to BHOPB. Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches is the only one that I ever felt truly cared about me and was not just trying to milk their patients' pocketbooks dry. The set of resources and therapies I received while in treatment there were so impressive and far beyond... Read More

Sharon G.
Short Hills, New Jersey

Like most teenagers I went through my ups and downs with social life, mood swings, and drug experimenting. It was only after I finished high school when my parents unexpectedly divorced that I fell into a bout of shock and depression, which I found difficult to cope with. I lost my motivation entirely at community college and hearing about all... Read More

Brain R
Jacksonville, Florida

While I grew up in a happy mid income family, I still considered it a suburban world of sh*t throughout my dissatisfied teen years.  I experimented with drugs and alcohol just like everyone else throughout this time.  All the basics: weed, shrooms, acid, MDMA, pills. College was different and a breath of fresh air at first; not having anyone... Read More

Jared W.
Woodside, Pennsylvania

Before coming to BHOPB I was addicted to working out, diet pills, and alcohol. I learned during my treatment that even as a young child, I never thought of myself to be as pretty or attractive as the other girls were in my class. Feeling very insecure about my looks led me to take in all the typical teasing of my young classmates to heart. I... Read More

Jennifer L.
East Hanover, New Jersey

Saying that my stepsister Lauren has always been high-strung is definitely putting it lightly.  Before being diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, among other things, my family and I thought she was only overacting emotionally for the need of attention.  Through her late teen years she continued to grow more emotionally unstable,... Read More

Sam D.
Paramus, New Jersey

Suzie and Channing were so supportive and were always there. They really helped me through the hard times. Your residential staff was so great in every way and Stacey your head nurse during the day was extremely helpful and caring too. As you already know I had been to several drug rehabs before BHOPB and this is the first time I have stayed... Read More

Lisa C.
Orlando, Florida

While playing football in college I got injured and had a broken shoulder and a compressed disc in my spine.  The team doctor prescribed me Vicodin and Oxycontin for the pain which never quite subsided, and for the last couple of years I’ve been refilling, abusing, and eventually selling my own painkillers.  Here in Ohio we have a ton of pain... Read More

Mark M.
Toledo, Ohio

Carol my ERMD and Judy my therapist were extremely helpful during my most difficult moments during the recovery process from my prescription drugs addiction.

Thanks again!

Janice K.
New York, New York

Your alcohol and drug programs are the real deal! I had already been to 5 other rehabs before I came to BHOPB and I am only 25! Thank you again to all the staff they are great.

Byron J.
Plano, Texas

I often think about all of the staff there at Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches that have helped me on my journey to alcohol & drug recovery. I am writing because I want everyone to know that I am doing well and I am clean & sober for 2 years now! I can never thank you all enough and I will never forget how you guys helped me.

Jessica L.
Athens, Georgia

I was at BHOPB in '07 for 36 days. I have been clean now for over three years. Going to BHOPB helped me get my life back. Thank you so much!

James C.
North Riverside, Illinois

The staff really opened my eyes to a lot of things. I want you to know that the staff is amazing. They are priceless. I am so grateful for my time there and I will always remember where the beginning of my life started! I really do believe that I am still sober today because of you guys.

Heather M.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I had a great experience at BHOPB and am still sober and active in AA. I have picked up my 9 month chip. I want to thank the whole staff and my therapist for helping me.

Jeff S.
Boston, Massachusetts

I finally got off my buff and sat down to write you and the God sent staff at Behavioral Health. I pray that your receipt of this small note finds you well, and in God's love and Grace. As for me, I'm down to 3 months, two weeks and three days to retirement from the Dept. of Corrections in Ct. - not that I'm counting of course. My sobriety I... Read More

Mary G.
Nashville, Tennessee

Hi, well I have been doing fine. I have almost 7 months. I still have many problems to deal with, but I am working on them! I have a great group that I attend everyday and they are very supportive. I would like to say that I feel very strong about the things I learned at BHOPB.

The staff really opened my eyes to a lot of things. I really... Read More

Heather M.
Danbury, Connecticut

Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches… saved my life.” I had completely lost myself and my daughter. I needed to learn about my addiction and Behavioral Health educated me. It was the compassion and caring which made the difference. I have been clean and sober over a year now. I know I never could have made it in recovery if it wasn't for the... Read More

Brian Y.
Phoenix, Arizona

When I first got down to BHOPB, I was scared, sick, and traumatized from the death of my husband and problems with my younger son. The staff treated me with dignity, courtesy, and made me feel like a human being, instead of an addict. I could not have asked for a better facility in which to recover. My therapist was wonderful, and I still keep... Read More

Barb B.
Charleston, South Carolina

Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches was a great program. I had been through a different facility about 8 years ago and it felt more like a prison. Behavioral Health was real life and I needed to learn how to live.

Karla B.
Grand Rapids, Minnesota

From the day I arrived until the day I left, I learned something new at Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches (BHOPB). Thanks to the caring staff at BHOPB, the learning process continues to this day. BHOPB taught me a new way of life that I never knew existed. During my stay, I created strong healthy bonds with many of my peers and the staff.... Read More

Jen D.
New Orleans, Louisiana

I had lost just about everything, including a really good job. I was living in New Jersey and at first didn’t want to come to Florida. Turns out I had to get far away from my old using friends. Everyone at BHOPB was really great, especially my therapist. They put a treatment plan together for me that really fit me personally. They identified... Read More

Charles N.
Aventura, Florida

I had been diagnosed with depression and was on medication but it obviously wasn’t working because I was drinking every day. I was also on sleep medication that wasn’t working. The doctor switched my medications and I started to get a good night’s sleep for a change. I was living in New York and had family in Orlando. My family was so worried... Read More

Maggie S.
Atlanta, Georgia

I had never gone to a gym before coming to Behavioral Health and now, I love to exercise. Just recently, I bought a set of weights and now I work out every day. It’s just amazing how much better I feel. I’m from the Northeast and somehow I knew I had to get away and coming to Florida sounded like the right thing to do. I needed structure and... Read More

Ron L.
Staten Island, New York

For me the best part of going to Behavioral Health was the staff. I was treated with dignity and I felt comfortable and safe the whole time I was there. I had lost everything, including my self respect. When I first got here I was on medication for depression. After being reassessed and doing therapy, I no longer need it anymore. I can’t say... Read More

Katie B.
Houston, Texas

I love your rehab. I have been clean and sober since I left. It was really hard at first but gradually got easier, softer, and better! Thank you for the suggestions and recommendations, could not have done it without your amazing staff. I am doing great!

Jessey P.
New York, New York

I just wanted to say hello and let you know that things are going as well. I am still clean and serene and have only missed one meeting because I had to take mom to the ER but i made up for it. Your staff is incredible and I have much gratitude and appreciation for everyone at BHOPB. You all saved my life !!!! I have been clean now for about 65... Read More

Anthony W.
Summit, New Jersey

Hello Everyone! I hope you are doing well. I am doing great. This coming Thursday, I will be sober/clean for 7 months. I am really proud of myself. I miss everyone. Please tell everyone I said Hi. Also, please tell Cheryl I said "who who". She'll know what that means.

Maria A.
New York, New York

I had to write and express my thanks for literally saving my life. I am a young mother and I had developed a cocaine addiction and a drinking problem. My parents intervened luckily before the state did and have been raising my little girl for me. They were the ones who set up everything for me to go for cocaine treatment and alcohol treatment... Read More

Adriana G.
Miami, Florida

Today has been 3 years to the day that I checked into BHOPB for my first and only rehab treatment! I just wanted to say my life has never been better and that I am very thankful for everything the staff and my fellow patients did for me! I am forever in your debt.

Sam M.
Princeton, New Jersey

I successfully completed my alcohol rehab treatment at Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches back in October 2007, and have been sober ever since. My life has got progressively better every year since as I continue to stay sober. I am an active member of AA - I take meetings into jails and sponsor a number of guys. I am writing to share my... Read More

Larry W.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Just wanted to write to tell everyone there that it was 3 months yesterday since I successfully finished my alcohol treatment rehab and I am still sober! I can't tell you how nice it was this year to be able to enjoy the holidays with my family, sober and free of drama for the first time in I don't know how many years! BHOPB was my 3rd alcohol... Read More

Tony C.
Livingston, New Jersey

Today I am 12 months clean and I am writing to thank everyone at Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches for helping me get that way! Because of all of the support you gave me combined with the necessary tools to resist using again I am still clean today. The best news of all is that my husband took me back and my children have let me back into... Read More

Stacey L., Princeton, NJ

My son is doing great and has completely turned around his life since coming home after getting treatment at Behavioral Health of Palm Beaches. I love BHOPB and can not thank them enough for what they were able to do for my son. My husband and I will both be eternally grateful to everyone at BHOPB!

Linda R. 

Fort Lauderdale, Florida