How to Avoid Drug Cravings this Holiday Season

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holiday season- avoiding drug cravings

While the holidays are filled with numerous celebrations and happy moments with your loved ones, recovering addicts may have a hard time navigating this time of year.

The holiday season can spark triggers when individuals encounter parties and celebrations with alcohol, and this may bring about a great deal of stress. You also may feel extra pressure to make the holidays perfect and this can lead to a potential relapse. You can still enjoy the holidays this year while maintaining your sobriety, and there are ways to avoid drug cravings. Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches is here to help you stay on track this holiday season, and here we provide tips for avoiding drug cravings. A sober holiday season is possible!

Prepare in Advance

 If you are attending a holiday party with a lot of people, you should make sure that you have a plan for how to leave the event if you start to feel uncomfortable or if triggers are present. A large party with cocktails can impact your recovery efforts, and it’s okay to abruptly leave the situation if you feel that your sobriety will be compromised. Make sure you attend this party with supportive friends or family who understand what you are going through. You can also prepare in advance by attending sobriety meetings leading up to the holidays. You will be reminded of the tools you need to manage a challenging situation, and this is the perfect opportunity to reflect on the past year.

Create New Traditions

 If you are used to certain family traditions that involve eating and drinking during the holidays, it’s time to create new ones! There are so many sober activities that you and your loved ones can participate in and everyone will feel included. You can play games, attend a holiday play, or take a family vacation this year. If you are not surrounded by drugs or alcohol you will be less likely to deal with triggers.

Don’t forget to take a moment to regroup if you start to feel anxious or stressed. The holidays are the time to enjoy your loved ones and celebrate a new year. If you are struggling with substance abuse, it’s time to get the treatment you deserve.

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