BHOPB’s Randy Grimes & Vance Johnson interviewed by USA Today about pro athletes in recovery

Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches team members Randy Grimes (Interventionist) and Vance Johnson (Trainer at the Men’s Program) were recently interviewed for an article on The piece was about pro football player and all-around controversial figure Johnny Manziel’s struggle with addiction, his journey through rehab and upcoming return to the playing field. During the offseason, many of Manziel’s addiction-related episodes were made painfully public. He has since reevaluated his behavior and taken the necessary steps toward recovery. Vance and Randy were on hand to offer an informed perspective on Manziel’s substance abuse and the unique circumstances he faces as a professional football player entering addiction recovery.

Having traveled their own recovery journey after their time in professional sports, Vance and Randy are uniquely qualified to offer expert guidance regarding the climate and expectations an addicted athlete faces in their pursuit of sobriety. “Whether they’re athletes or not, you always worry about sending people back into the same chaotic atmosphere that got them here,” said Grimes in the piece. Our South Florida behavioral healthcare center offers a specialized program that provides comprehensive treatment for professional athletes struggling with drug and alcohol addiction.