The Benefits of Group Therapy for Mental Health

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The Benefits of Group Therapy for Mental Health

Group therapy can be intimidating; some people even believe that it is a waste of time. How can talking about your personal problems with a bunch of strangers help you fix your own issues? While many are quick to disregard this type of psychotherapy, there are many group therapy benefits for mental health, addiction, physical ailments, and a variety of other problems. 


The Advantages of Group Therapy for Mental Health

Too often, people try to work through their mental health problems alone when their peers could be part of the answer to finding relief. Our holistic treatment center in Lake Worth is sharing some of the many benefits of group therapy for mental health recovery. 


One of the biggest benefits of group psychotherapy for mental health is that it creates a community of support among participants. Working through a mental health problem or attempting to maintain mental health disorder symptoms is trying. Often this process is a work in progress and support can mean the difference between a great day and a horrible one.


Many people with depression or other mental health disorders feel alone. They may believe that no one else is struggling with these same problems or can relate to how they are feeling. Group therapy is a good reminder that this is not the case. Participants are able to hear from people of different ages with diverse backgrounds who are dealing with similar issues, which can remind participants that their problems are more common than they originally thought. 

Openness to Individual Treatment 

Many people struggle to open up to a therapist one-on-one. At first, these therapy sessions may seem uncomfortable or even feel almost staged, but after participation in group therapy, many people become more receptive to individual counseling sessions. This willingness to try harder can make mental health treatment more effective. 

Different Perspective 

A lot of people struggling with mental health disorders get stuck in the same type of thinking. These thought patterns can perpetuate their problems or even make them worse. Hearing how other people are dealing with similar issues and their views on the world may open the participant’s eyes to a new perspective. This different viewpoint could help them make a breakthrough in their recovery. 


Therapy only works if people continue to put in the effort. The community that is created in group therapy can help people stay on track. Participants will check in with one another and ensure that people are continuing their treatment programs as necessary. If someone misses a meeting or appears to no longer be taking treatment seriously, many people are quick to reach out. 

Address Co-Occurring Disorders

Another one of the benefits of group therapy for mental health treatment is that it can open someone’s eyes to other problems that they may have alongside or because of their poor mental health. Many people with mental health disorders also struggle with substance abuse disorders but they may not realize that they have a problem until they see someone else with that same issue. Once they are able to recognize the problem in someone else, they may be more likely to recognize the problem in themselves and be willing to get help for both issues like at our dual diagnosis treatment center in Florida.  


Especially in early treatment when little progress appears to be made, some patients will lose hope. They may believe they will never find the relief they are looking for and want to give up on treatment altogether. Group therapy is a way to showcase other people’s progress in recovery. When the patient sees that someone else with a similar problem as theirs can see improvements, it gives them hope for their own recovery. 

There are several benefits of group therapy for mental health, and this list is just the beginning. If you are struggling with poor mental health or know someone who is, it is time to get help. At Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches, also known as the Center for Alcohol & Drug Studies, we offer a variety of mental health therapy programs to help our patients find relief. 

Whether you are looking for help for yourself or help for a loved one, call us now at 561-220-3981.

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